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With the announcement last month of Mauricio”Shogun” Rua’s successful shoulder surgery, the Brazilian legend has continued his legacy of becoming a mixed martial arts (MMA) medical marvel. It is beyond evident that Shogun is injury prone. However, with the amount of punishment he has obtained, many may consider it amazing that’s he’s not only still alive to talk about it continues fighting professionally in the maximum level on the biggest point for this day. During Shogun’s storied 30+ struggle MMA career, he has confronted countless setbacks through the much-maligned MMA Injury Bug. IMG_1702
Image created by Shayne Smith
Is the shoulder operation the result of the essential maintainance when it is comes to fighting, or of a washed up fighter? It is definitely more than just another slight setback to his legendary career, as it is serious enough that will not see him compete again till early 2016. At just 33 years old, it looks like a regular process on the surface. However, to many fans, this is just another reason to make a declaration that Shogun’s best days as a fighter are clearly behind him. Maybe even he needs to retire. The most difficult issue concerning the Shogun situation is that he’s not even that old, but fight years are a completely different story. IMG_1693 Many pundits accredit the overwhelming accumulation of harm to a combo of both his times sparring with the legendary Chute Boxe Academy and into the grueling losses he’s gathered inside the Octagon. There is no doubt that Shogun’s time as an expert mixed Martial Artist has taken it’s toll on him physically. It remains to be seen what the cost are in association with winning those four UFC”Fight of the Night” performance bonuses. Can they blame for why many think Shogun is well past his prime? This article gives a brief medial synopsis of the injuries the former UFC light heavyweight champion has accrued through his times as an expert fighter to further illustrate the determining as to when a fighter is potentially past his prime, and also to prove a fighter being close retirement is not solely dependant on age demographics. Shogun’s knees have confronted more wear and tear than any fighter currently on the UFC roster with the exclusion of Dominick Cruz. The Brazilian first injured his anterior cruciate ligament training for his struggle with Forrest Griffin at UFC 76. Trying to fight injury, he pulled out the fascia completely through the ensuing battle. The injury required surgery to fix and hundreds of hours of rehabilitation. Upon rehabbing the helpless leg for many months, he returned to instruction and unfortunately completely blew out his ACL. Another surgery and rehabilitation regimen kept him on the sidelines until his UFC 93 bout with Mark Coleman which was almost a year and a half following the struggle with Griffin. While training for a rematch against Lyoto Machida, he once more injured his knee but against physicians orders, he went on to fight . Despite winning in convincing manner, the origin foIMG_1695r party was curtailed by Rua’s requirement for immediate surgery. As a result it might be just over 10 months afterwards before fans would see him make his Octagon reunite against Jon Jones. It was a fight that not only finished his title reign in catastrophic fashion but one in which the fighter looked to be a shell of his former self for the first time. To put it simply, his knee imploded. And then it happened. And then it occurred once again for good measure. The surgical fix count needed to repair his knees quickly required three major surgeries in under three decades. However it has to be mentioned that history had shown us MMA fans that Shogun can not blame those injuries alone for hindering his fantasies of getting a UFC champion. Despite being plagued by the injury bug for another time, Shogun went to be UFC winner, however brief the title reign was. Unfortunately, it is doubtful this time around that Shogun will recover his glory days of times past. As fans, we all hope he gets beyond these latest injury woes to develop into a contender once more. However as handicappers we have to take this as another indication he is not capable of competing with the division’s elite.
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